"Pure in Heart" February 5th, 2016 Reverend Kathy O'Keeffe

The Power of the Word

The word of the Lord is life itself. Its transforming power captures our hearts and we are never again the same. We are renewed, we are strengthened, and we are empowered to live a life that reflects Kingdom principles.



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Rev. Kathy O'Keeffe
Kingdom Life Ministries Intl.


We Shall Prevail
Pastor Kathy O'Keeffe


The experiential knowledge of the Christ is the prevailing of the Kingdom of God in your life.

When we seek to know God and you experience God and you continue to seek to know God the very knowledge of God brings you to a state of surrender to God so that the prevailing power and authority of God that lies within you might begin to prevail over every situation that you encounter.

It needs the experiential knowledge. It needs the awakening of the word. It needs the experience of the word in everyday situations that teaches you the prevailing authority that lives within you.


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