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Kingdom Life Ministries International is committed to transforming the lives of God's people all over the world. Although we are a small congregation, we are doing extraordinary life things that impact the quality of life of families, singles and youths.



We graciously accept donations from people like you to help those in need.

Giving allows us to help more people in their journey, locally and globally. Decide where you would like to allocate your donation, set up a monthly donation or give once. Every donation counts.

Ministries Impacting Youths and Families


Summer Reading Program

Many of us can recall with great fondness something we read as a child that transformed our lives urging us to explore worlds and possibilities made available to us through books. Kingdom Life Ministries Summer Reading program is designed to stimulate a passion for reading through exploration. Each week a new book comes alive through creative teaching practices that range from dramatization to making connections and visualizations. The best part of our summer reading program is that at the conclusion of the book each student is given a copy to take home to build their personal libraries.

Ghana Mission

In our world of abundance it is often so easy to take for granted the many things that our brothers and sisters in Ghana go without. The smallest of donations go so far in providing lifesaving medicines, food and opportunities for educating women and children.

Our Ghana Mission also provides opportunities for our high school students with opportunities to participate in a service learning project that gives them first hand experience in projects that range from  planting trees as a part of a reforestation project to teaching basic skills in a community school.

It is more than a truism, your donation can change a life forever. Give today.

Cultural Arts for Excellence (CAFE)

Cultural Arts for Excellence (CAFE) after school presents a unique opportunity to enrich a student’s academic achievement in a way that is fun and engaging. CAFE capitalizes on this through a strategic design that incorporates the arts as a fundamental approach to academic remediation. Students participate in workshops that serve to nurture drama, music, dance, and poetry skills while enhancing performance on the Virginia Standards of Learning. This synchronization of fun and education serves to “edutain” (educate and entertain) students, increasing academic competency as well as social and life skills in a challenging and engaging environment.


Interested in getting involved or have a question about what is happening at Kingdom Life Ministries? We would love to hear from you.

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