About Kingdom Life Ministries International

Our congregation, in obedience to the word of God, believes that the power of the Holy Spirit has enabled us to embrace a life of service to God and His people everywhere. God has also called each of us to a life of excellence in all that we do. It is our desire to walk in a lifestyle of worship knowing that through the love of God we are reconciled and continually renewed by His word.


Transforming lives through the power of the Love


Creating a sacred space through worship that inspires us to be leaders and visionaries and challenges us to live and impart a victorious life in Christ that is full of holiness, joy, righteousness and humility and that teaches us to walk by faith covered in grace.

Impacting the consciousness of the world as witnesses of the love of God and revealing the glory of Christ.

Embarking on this journey of discovery and understanding of God; growing and learning together in community and embracing the abundant life and grace of God.

Touching the world through worship, prayer and mission until we all come to the fullness of Christ.

Our Attitudes of Living

2002 Mercer Avenue, Northwest
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 345-6676

Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning
8:00 am     Intercessory Prayer
9:00 am     Sunday School
10:00 am   Morning Worship


Wednesday Evening
6:30 pm      Intercessory Prayer